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Tue Oct 17 11:39:06 BST 2006

There is a really nifty gadget on firebox that allows you to digitize 
your records into MP3s.....



Dave Cross wrote:
> Quoting Jonathan Stowe <jns at gellyfish.com>:
>> Fr*work advocacy is so last century.
>> What I really want to know is whether there are people on the list who
>> have never bought a vinyl record or pre-recorded cassette.  For bonus
>> points I'd be interested to know how many people bought into the
>> abortive eight track cartridge thing ...
> This won't surprise you but...
> I have about a thousand vinyl records stored in various cupboards at 
> home. I should really get rid of them - as I haven't played one in about 
> five years. And I seem to have re-acquired most of them on CD.
> About three years ago I threw out about four hundred cassettes[1]. At 
> least half of them were prerecorded.
> My parents once had a stereo that played eight tracks. We only every 
> owned about half a dozen cartridges between us. The only one I can 
> remember owning is the soundtrack to "Slade in Flame"[2].
> Dave...
> [1] http://blog.dave.org.uk/archives/000212.html
> [2] http://www.amazon.co.uk/Slade-Flame/dp/B0000073V7/
> --site: http://dave.org.uk/
> blog: http://blog.dave.org.uk/

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