tum ti tum

Robert Shiels robert at se71.org
Tue Oct 17 12:03:03 BST 2006

Jonathan Stowe wrote:

>Fr*work advocacy is so last century.
>What I really want to know is whether there are people on the list who
>have never bought a vinyl record or pre-recorded cassette.  For bonus
>points I'd be interested to know how many people bought into the
>abortive eight track cartridge thing ...
We had an 8 trackbut only for a short time - I can only really remember 
that we had "Abba - Arrival" , and some country music.
I have loads of vinyl, and will not be getting rid of it. In fact, I 
bought 5 new ones the other week. It is a very satisfying and relaxing 
ritual putting a record on, a bit like making a cup of tea. As with 
another poster, I think buying pre-recorded cassettes, when you can make 
your own for next to nothing, is silly.


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