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Tue Oct 17 14:22:45 BST 2006

On Oct 17, 2006, at 4:17 AM, Jonathan Stowe wrote:

> Fr*work advocacy is so last century.
> What I really want to know is whether there are people on the list  
> who have never bought a vinyl record or pre-recorded cassette.

Well, that rules me out.  I bought quite a few of both.  In fact, we  
just picked up a mint-condition 12" single of "The Message" about a  
week ago.

What's very scary, though, is that my nephews and niece have no idea  
what these gadgets are.  My 15-year-old brother-in-law even told me  
that he thought the Atari 2600 was some relic from the Stone Age.     
"This thing is crap.  The games are too hard 'cause the graphics  
suck."  I remember my dad bringing that home in '80...

> For bonus points I'd be interested to know how many people bought  
> into the abortive eight track cartridge thing ...

My dad had both an in-dash 8-track player in his Chevy and a  
component 8-track player for the Christmas music in his office.  I  
don't recall any cartridges newer than 1974, though.  But, alas, i  
chipped in money in college ('94-ish) to purchase an 8-track player  
and some kitschy cartridges at an antique shop with some dorm- 
mates...  so i can't claim never to've bought one.

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