Databasen - Revisited

Matt S Trout dbix-class at
Thu Oct 19 20:10:01 BST 2006

On 19 Oct 2006, at 19:10, Jonathan Rockway wrote:

>> the Perl interpreter has some quite annoying deficiencies
> I haven't seen any bug reports from you.  Are these actual  
> deficiencies
> in perl, or or you just making them up?

Oh, really, I call fucking straw man.

Better, I call straw for brains. Of course the fucking perl  
interpreter has deficiencies, I've run into several of them head-on.

I'd love to see who you were replying to but unfortunately apparently  
your mail reader is even dumber than you are, so it didn't leave me  
any attribution to read. I'd say 99% chance they know a shitload more  
about the behaviour of the interp than you since a fair percentage of  
the regulars on here know a shitload more than I do and I sure as  
hell know I have a better idea than you do about most of this.

>> On average, Perl programs are a bag of shite (compare with
>> badly-designed databases) and
> Let me let you in on a little secret.  All programs are bags of shite.

Let me let you in on a little secret. That's what he was fucking  
saying. Please attempt to get both brain cells lined up and firing in  
the same direction before you respond the that - this is after all  
the place out of which the list software that runs hates-software was  

> Example: Read The Daily WTF. None of the stories are about Perl
> programs!  Why is that?  (None are about MySQL, either, for that  
> matter.)

Actually, I've seen perl articles. Maybe you just can't read.

> BTW, sorry to flame you twice in a row, but if you're going to say  
> "perl
> programs are a bag of shite" on a perl monger's list, you deserve what
> you get :)

As the crankygoths would say, I believe you were misinformed.

So, let me inform you.

Firstly, this is not a fucking perl mongers list except by name, it's  
somewhere we discuss, bitch and occasionally bicker (as I was doing  
quite enjoyable with lathos a couple days back until you decided to  
wade in in clueless seriousness).

Second, your puerile mindless wah-wah-wah comments do not count as a  
flame. Not even on php-lamers at They're just a  
pointless waste of fucking electrons.

Third, dear fucking god but do you really need to rise badly to every  
piece of mail that looks even remotely like it might be troll bait? I  
mean for fuck's sake, I've been known to get into the occasional  
silly fight on here but mostly for my own entertainment. You seem to  
be incapable of not replying, and then fucking up the reply so  
utterly that the only reason you don't get more angry responses is  
because people are too busy laughing, sighing or killfiling you to be  

If you can't control yourself, get the fuck off this list. Really.  
I'm sick of your posts on here, the signal/noise ratio is only  
compromised by them, and frankly if I wanted retarded pointless  
failed excuses for flames associated with the Catalyst project I'd  
fucking invite Sebastian Riedel back, at least his flamewars with  
teejay had some vague entertainment value.

Thankyou, good night, and fuck off.

Hope That Helps. Have A Nice Day.

Matt S Trout

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