Databasen - Revisited

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sat Oct 21 10:05:13 BST 2006

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> I would say in my experience doing technical interviews that at that
> point there wouldn't be much they could do or say that would somehow
> affect the preceding hour or so's intensive investigation.


I have to admit that during one interview when asked the question
"Finally, why do you think you are right for this job" (as a closer by 
the "bad cop") I replied "I don't think I am" which got raised eyebrows 
and made sure I no longer had any chance at the job .

FYI I knew by then it was not the right job for me and I don't think
they realised I no longer thought I would "fit".

OK stupid thing to say and too much honesty can be a bad thing but
it just seemed the perfect opportunity to "politely withdraw"


  The boss did call later to ask why and I explained.

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