Databasen - Revisited

David Cantrell david at
Sun Oct 22 10:05:32 BST 2006

On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 03:39:49PM +0100, Andrew Beattie wrote:
> >... that would have bene my pub-quiz winnings down the drain. A few
> >years ago the Latvian currancy was running at 1.2GBP to the Lati but it
> >passed beneath 4/3/2004. 
> >
> Possibly of use in a pub quiz is:
> The nearest to 1:1 parity appears to be Falkland Island pound at 0.99960
> I didn't even know that they had their own currency...

So much for that data source then.  The Falklands pound is == the pound
sterling.  See

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