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On 23/10/06, the hatter < at> wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Oct 2006, Ovid wrote:
> > I think I'd prefer to live in London proper, despite the commute times.
> >  Can anyone recommend decent areas to live or suggest what reasonable

> The tube map also says trains run from ealing
> broadway to heathrow airport (it's a bus from there to stockley park) -
> ealing is quite self-contained for a lot of things while still being
> reasonable for getting into london.  If you'd be driving in, you could add
> richmond as another candidate for pretty nice area without being so far
> from london, and fulham which feels much more real london.

I used to live in the Hanwell area of Ealing with my flatmate who
worked in Stockley Park - there are some nice parts of Ealing and
Hanwell - in particular there is the park that seperates hanwell from
southall (where you don't want to live) and walking around the village
there you could easily imagine you're in dorset or devon, despite
being only a couple of hundred yards from the grim urban sprawl.

Ealing is nice in that you have your own town centre, and some large
'out of town supermarkets' nearby instead of relying on going into
London to get stuff, it's also cheaper than any nice part of central
london. I rather liked living there.


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