What shame? [Was: What a shame...]

Jonathan McKeown jonathan at hst.org.za
Tue Oct 24 14:05:26 BST 2006

On Tuesday 24 October 2006 14:49, Dave Cross wrote:
> Quoting Andy Armstrong <andy at hexten.net>:
> > On 24 Oct 2006, at 13:11, Peter Corlett wrote:
> >> Don't you like trucking?
> >
> > I thought 'Nice Video, Shame about the Song' was, ironically, the
> > better song.
> See also "I Like Bouncing, Boing, Boing, Boing[1]", "Ayatollah Knomeni
> Closer" and "Oh England My Leotard". Oh, and I've just remembered "Gob
> On You!"
> Dave...
> [ wondering if he's still got the Not The Nine O'Clock News album ]

I know I've still got Not The Nine O'Clock News, Hedgehog Sandwich (``we used 
a stuffed hedgehog, and we feel we probably exhibited less cruelty to 
hedgehogs per se than whoever it is who goes around stuffing them''), and 
Rowan Atkinson: Live in Belfast - all on vinyl.

Of course, now I'm going to have to go to the Hi-Fi Shop to buy a gramophone.


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