WinCE phones (was Re: What shame? [Was: What a shame...])

Sue Spence virtualsue at
Tue Oct 24 18:02:01 BST 2006

Toby Corkindale wrote:
>> minimo (FF for windows mobile)...
>> I've wanted to try this, but I won't get off PalmOS until some time next 
>> year. Then again, I haven't tried Opera Mini yet, partly due to laziness 
>> and partly because I almost do not want another browser which is 
>> fantastically better than my target browser (an exceptionally limited, 
>> proprietary, short-term POS).
> My experiences with Windows CE (2003SE to be precise) haven't been great.. I
> don't know how well PalmOS ported to the mobile environment, but if it works,
> you might want to stick with it. WinCE's mobile integration is.. poor.. at
> best.

No porting necessary, as it happens. We've deployed 1000s of Palm Treo 
650s to our pampered workforce, the majority of which are convinced that 
we should have given them something better. They will be convinced of 
this no matter what device they get until the mobile platform stabilises 
a bit more.

> For example, an incoming SMS, call, bluetooth spam, alarm, etc will wake the
> device up from standby, at which point the buttons and touch-screen become
> active. So, when pulling the phone out of your pocket, you need to try not to
> touch anything. Or if you don't notice the event at all, then you discover half
> an hour later that not only have you dialled all the people in your phonebook,
> but you've also flattened the battery. This is by far and away the single
> biggest shortcoming.

That's pathetically common, thankfully the devices that we deal with are 
not allowed to behave that way. Not that we don't have problems with the 
ones we do have.


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