What shame? [Was: What a shame...]

Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 25 09:23:59 BST 2006

chromatic wrote:
> On Monday 23 October 2006 15:00, Pedro Figueiredo wrote:
>> especially when everyone can view windows media.
> Apparently this is a defintion of "everyone" with which I, as a stupid Yank 
> (as far as you know; I grew up in the west where we didn't even have states 
> during the war), cannot possibly understand, and I get that fries are chips 
> and chips are crisps.

  Chromatic: After all that mess about fries, chips and crisps, I hope
you now is able to keep your fingers from burning while holding your
pipe. ;-)

  About the "everyone": hope "everyone" includes me (a declared Debian
linux fanatic that enjoys BBC content sometimes).

Luis Motta Campos
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Hobbyist Cooker and Photograph

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