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Wed Oct 25 12:27:03 BST 2006

On 25/10/06, alex at <alex at> wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm designing a database from scratch and want to progress from the "back
> of an envelope design". I'm thinking of using SQL Fairy eg
> I write an XML description of the SQL Schema
> SQL Fairy converts that to
>    MySQL SQL Code (typically create statements)
> and possibly
>    Class::DBI
> and definitely
>    GraphViz diagrams

I've been using a CDBI generator that reads schema's and generates the
CBDI classes and DFV profiles, Autodia to generate diagrams via
GraphViz and Dia.

I ought to really look at making autodia (or something wrapping it) to
do the whole job end to end, given it can already read Torque (XML
describing db schemas), SQL and access databases via DBI.

My plan would be to design the schema in Dia, then convert it (should
be able to do this with autodia, but currently only does the other way
around) to torque, and use the torque file to create the database and
classes, maybe even skip the torque step and just create  straight
from the dia file.

I haven't worked on Autodia for a bit, maybe I should do some more
work on it - especially now that SQL Fairy has made a lot of progress,
I can nick some of their ideas :)


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