[Horribly [OT]] OpenAFS / distributed filesystems - yay or nay?

john_oshea@wordbank.com john_oshea at wordbank.com
Thu Oct 26 11:54:30 BST 2006

Do any of you kind souls have any real-world experience of OpenAFS or
other distributed filesystems? Are they worth the effort, or should we
just buy a bunch of bandwidth and have done with it?

[Bcakground: We're attempting to keep offices in London and the US in
sync, are working mainly with DTP-type files (one "job folder" is of the
order of a gig in size), and have been using cron'd rsync thus far -
it's working, but updates are too 'bursty' for our DTP bods]

Pointers to more appropriate places to talk about this more than welcome
- thanks

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