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Tue Oct 31 09:53:05 GMT 2006

On 30/10/06, Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:
> Edmund von der Burg wrote:
> > I used to live in Balham and found it safe, quiet and peaceful. Other
> > would describe it as the drug infested armpit of Clapham.
> How long ago was that? Balham's dead posh now. We've got a Waitrose and
> everything :)

Ooh a waitrose - I always made sure I lived within a short distance of
waitrose when in london - sure sign of a nice area to live, the
opposite to lidl and aldi, which are a sure sign you don't want to
live there - although we now have an Aldi in Truro (a short work from
a grotty council estate).

Something else to think about when choosing somewhere to live is how
good the local GP and Hospital are.. Ealing hospital is,
unfortunately, pretty grim - in fact many of the london hospitals
outside of the centre are - central london is luckily blessed with
some nice hospitals (sometimes linked with the universities) like St
Barts, Royal Free, etc - but utterly awful GPs. The one decent GP
clinic in Ealing (Hanwell), required you live almost within 30 feet to
register there and I had to argue in order to register there about my
postcode and telephone number despite the fact I could probably reach
it from my front window with a supersoaker.



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