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Wed Nov 1 12:38:02 GMT 2006

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 09:53:05AM +0000, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> Something else to think about when choosing somewhere to live is how
> good the local GP and Hospital are.

Thornton Heath is fabulous in that regard.  Mayday hospital is good,
I've never had a problem getting a GP appointment, and my dentist is
still taking new NHS patients (although I see him privately cos $work
pays and you get better drugs and he uses a cuter assistant for private
patients).  The only thing lacking is a Waitrose, but there are three
independent greengrocers, three butchers, a good baker, and even a
fishmonger about to open, plus several good pubs.

The only time it sucks is round about now, during Artillery Season, cos
Eid al Fitr, Diwali, Haloween and Guy Fawkes night are all making big
badda-boom until 1 in the morning.  But I suppose everywhere in London
is like that.

Oh, and twenty minutes from the west end and from Gatwick.

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