Freecycle/Geekcycle/LETS (was Re: Tesco Sport for Schools vouchers)

Nick Woolley nickwoolley at
Thu Nov 2 14:48:21 GMT 2006

FYI: Someone posted a link to this on my local Freecycle:

That was a while ago, and looks like it's not made any progress since 
then.  (It looks like someone's portfolio project that has stalled.)

On a related point, I'd always been curious about LETS and it does seem 
to be an idea begging to be web-based like Freecycle.  This site seems 
to have a website for LETS too (but which seems broken):

Unfortunately, having done a bit of research in the past I've the 
impression most LETS groups are dwindling to nearly nothing.



PaulM: I remember you mentioning OpenMoney here a very long time ago. 
Is that project still alive?
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