Chris Devers cdevers at
Thu Nov 2 15:30:42 GMT 2006

On Nov 2, 2006, at 10:10 AM, Dirk Koopman wrote:

> To do that I need a utility to copy a complete user's mailbox from one
> IMAP server to another. I would prefer not to have to write one  
> myself.

And now that we know what you really want, I see that my suggestions  
wouldn't have been helpful :-)

Still, there may be something to the idea of using something other  
than IMAP to do the synchronization. For example, if one side is  
storing it in a MySQL database, then maybe you can come up with a  
tool to pull down the source IMAP tree into another MySQL instance,  
then use MySQL replication techniques to get it over to the other  
one. Or something like that.

Alternatively, do either of the other IMAP servers provide import  
tools? Maybe you could leverage something like that to convert a copy  
of the tree pulled down with Eudora or something (it could still be  
useful as an intermediary, if only because everything is in plain  
MBOX), then, again, use database replication to push the converted  
copy up to the other server.


Chris Devers

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