Javaspaces and perl alex at
Tue Nov 7 12:53:14 GMT 2006

No, I haven't mistaken this list for London.class :-)

I've been googling and search.cpan but to no avail.

I am interested in using javaspaces (aka Jini) to distribute a loosely
coupled system across loads of machines. The basic idea is that I have
several machines put tasks into the space and have several machines read
out those tasks, do them, and put the results back into the space - or
maybe a database, or maybe generate more tasks.

Anyway - some of those jobs involve some things which perl is inherently
good at (processing unstructured text) and which java is poor at. I am
trying to figure out a way of connecting up these two.

I suppose I could just create java code which wrote its data to a file and
ran a perl program with that file as an input parameter. Despite it being
loosely coupled I am not sure I like that idea...

Any suggestions? Has anyone done this sort of javaspace<->perl linking?

Are there any perl people out there interested in Jini and javaspaces?


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