Javaspaces and perl

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at
Wed Nov 8 15:26:14 GMT 2006

alex at wrote:
> Perhaps I could clarify something here.
> I *am* going to use Javaspaces. Most of the system is going to be in Java.
> Telling me that I could shoehorn XYZ technology into doing something it
> wasnt intended for instead of one which was is not really helping much.
The reason that people were being helpful (even if you missed it) was 
that you described a problem you wanted to solve and only said that you 
were "interested in using javaspaces". Thus you received suggestions as 
to how you might solve your problem in a simpler manner. That's what 
good programmers do, find solutions to problems.

Had you said that were having to try and find a way to get Perl to play 
nice with javaspaces because you had no alternative but would like to 
use Perl for some tasks you would have received different answers.

You made javaspaces look optional or something that was doing the sort 
of thing you wanted to do so you were mentioning it to give people an 
idea as to what you were about.

That's what you get for badly worded requirements :-)

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