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Dan Rowles d.rowles at outcometechnologies.com
Wed Nov 8 15:51:37 GMT 2006

I can heartily recommend latex for generating reports in PDF format. 
There is something of a learning curve, but it is thoroughly worth the 

And, as latex is text based, it is really simple to generate the latex 
using tt2. Images and graphs are no problem either (PostScript and PNG 
both get included in the final PDF just fine).

I have *no idea* about generating HTML from latex, though, although I 
have been told that it can be done.

Email me off list if you want any more pointers.



Aaron Trevena wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anybody here had used PDF::Create or similar to
> create PDF reports.
> Although I will be providing both HTML and PDF reports I'd rather
> spend the time making the PDF look decent than just convert the HTML,
> so PDF::Create looks the job but I can't find any tutorials or
> articles on it, and it has no ratings on cpan.
> The alternatives seem to be template oriented or converting from HTML,
> has anybody used either PDF::Create or the Templating options, I
> *think* would be nice to be able to use TT for PDF generation, has
> anybody tried that?
> Cheers,
> A.

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