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Peter Hickman peter.hickman at
Mon Nov 20 13:35:05 GMT 2006

Pete Sergeant wrote:
> I guess that's the reason no-one ever works with vintage hardware, or
> trying to extend old tools to do interesting new things.
> +Pete
The question here is if you are doing something for it's own sake 
(trying to implement RTL II on the JVM) or you have a need (keep this 
Superbrain QD running as it has our invoicing system on it). Sure I 
could get my Spectrum to connect to the internet, but if I wanted to 
connect to the internet there are darn easier ways of doing it. I find 
it very hard to think of anything interesting to do with old hardware, 
there was a time when I would have jumped at getting a PDP/11 or a 
MicroVax, that I can't do easier with the new.

However should anyone have a transputer farm that they want to get rid 
of then I'm interested :)

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