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Mon Nov 20 19:28:05 GMT 2006

> Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> Well it's Turing complete so theoretically you could write anything in
>> it if forced to at gunpoint :)
> Anything computable, that is.  I'm not sure how to plug USB or Ethernet
> into a Turing machine.  (Real life computing problems tend to be

Well, a Turing machine is really just a mathematical abstraction, so if
the Ethernet or USB is properly represented as a mathematical abstraction,
there'd be no problem with the Turing machine "plugging" into it.  Of
course, there are plenty of non-computable functions, the halting problem
being a canonical example.  There's also the somewhat subtle point that
even though it may be "theoretically" possible to implement a particular
computable function in a particular language, the implementation could
easily require more space and/or time than there is in the known universe.
 I guess it depends on which theory you're operating under.


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