Combination of skills - was [JOB] Perl & VB person, central London

Andrew Black andrew-li at
Tue Nov 21 00:43:20 GMT 2006

Andrew Black wrote:
> Earle Martin wrote:
>> We're looking for a perl hacker to help out with various ad hoc
>> perl / Excel / VB / scripts 
> Interesting combination of skills - not sure I would wish to admit to 
> doing all these to the same person :-)

As the starter of this rather interesting sub-thread, I will admit on 
rereading I was suffering either from pedantry or obtuseness.  Most 
other posters have interpreted VB as VBA.  I might grudgingly admit to 
having used VBA, but rather less so since I discovered you can drive MS 
products from a programming language better known to readers of this 
list.  Whereas VB is (IMHO) only used by dyed in the wall Gates loving 

I will admit that the combo of Perl and Excel is not unusual, in fact a 
colleague was suggesting using Perl to extract some data then Excel to 
sumarise as a graph.

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