Sorting and undefined values

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My first thought is that there is a typo:
  $foo->{$a}->{'x'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'x'} ||
  $foo->{$b}->{'y'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'y'}

My second thought is to worry about precendence:
  $foo->{$a}->{'x'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'x'} or
  $foo->{$a}->{'y'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'y'}
  ($foo->{$a}->{'x'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'x'}) ||
  ($foo->{$a}->{'y'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'y'})


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I have this code:

my @sorted = sort {
  $foo->{$a}->{'x'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'x'} ||
  $foo->{$b}->{'y'} cmp $foo->{$b}->{'y'}
} keys %$foo;

This only produces the keys of items where 'x' is defined. What do I
need to do to sort first on 'x' if it's defined, and then on 'y', or
just 'y' if 'x' is undefined?

Thanks in advance,


Earle Martin

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