Stefan Esser retires from PHP security response team

Andy Armstrong andy at
Tue Dec 12 18:21:13 GMT 2006

On 12 Dec 2006, at 18:07, chromatic wrote:
>> It's an interesting insight into what makes a language popular. It
>> seems to me that the main thing PHP ever had going for it was low
>> cost of entry. You install it on a web server and suddenly all your
>> HTML can magically have fragments of code embedded in it.
> Isn't the first part of that sentence "Someone else has already  
> installed it
> on a web server..."?

These days, absolutely. Somebody had to start doing that for some  
reason though. Once upon a time if you looked at a random web server  
you'd likely find just Apache and maybe Perl 4 for CGI scripts. PHP  
meant that with a half hour to spare you could make that web server a  
whole load more useful. It seems that that rather than any idea of  
language goodness was enough to drive considerable adoption.

Andy Armstrong,

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