perl 5.8.8 syslog tests failing on MacOS X (sometimes)

Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Fri Dec 15 18:10:13 GMT 2006

I changed the code to this as suggested by Mark:

    # We want to check that the UDP connect worked. However the only
    # way to do that is to send a message and see if an ICMP is returned

    warn "sleeping";
    sleep 1;

    if (!connection_ok()) {
	push(@{$errs}, "udp connect: nobody listening");
	return 0;

and it now works fine. It does appear that our machines are too fast -
mine is a MacBookPro dual 1.8GHz.

Obviously one second is too long to sleep, and it should not have the
warning there. I'll leave it to wiser heads to determine what it
should be but am happy to test anything if that helps. Pehaps the
sleep should be added only if it fails - that way it will not slow
down the golden path....


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