[JOB] Perl developer (front-end web devel) (London) from 34k

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Fri Dec 22 12:10:02 GMT 2006

Similar ad also seen at: http://jobs.perl.org/job/5075
(Written by the CEO. I thought I'd write an advert here that gives a more
complete idea of what we're looking for and why)

Ymogen is based in Hoxton, about 10 mins walk from Old Street tube.
We do branded sites around communities, involving geocoding and user
collaboration, with strong mobile interactivity.
We're a Perl/Catalyst/PostgreSQL/Linux shop. 
There are currently two perl devs here, and a contractor working on HTML/CSS.
(But if you know a good permie for that too, let us know) 

We're looking to hire a Perl developer to work on the front-end/UI. You'll need
to be familiar with Template Toolkit and Catalyst, and have at least a basic
understanding of DBIx::Class. As it is a front-end devel role, you'll also need
to know a reasonable level of javascript, and it would be helpful, but not
neccessary, to have experience with the Dojo toolkit.
You will need to have a good understanding of using CSS and XHTML. (The final
aesthetics will be adjusted by a dedicated CSS/XHTML person, but it would be
nice if you have some knowledge of good UI design)

Your primary remit is working on the UI, but you'll also find yourself
working on the rest of the system. It's a decent codebase, as I initiated a
complete re-write in April this year, along with new systems, so it is
reasonably sane.

We use subversion for source control, and Trac for issue tracking and
documentation. Some knowledge of svn would be handy, but as long as you have
knowledge of some equivelent source-control system, you'll pick it up fine.

We use Linux systems, so you will need to have some knowledge of Linux, or at
least some modern unix variant.

List price is "From 34k" currently. If you think you're absolutely fantastic
and worth so much more than that, feel free to try and convince us.

CVs to toby(at)ymogen.net, but please write some prose about yourself in the
email too, as I find I get more out of that than the CV itself.


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