TT brainfart

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Jan 3 16:49:59 GMT 2007

Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> My understanding of the stash is that it's a store of compiled but as-yet-
> un-interpolated templates. This is a good, quick win IMHO.

No, the stash stores variables.

The compiled templates are cached in memory in the Template::Provider.

If you set the COMPILE_EXT/COMPILE_DIR options then the compiled
template is also written as Perl code to disk.

So in answer to your question, and based on the limited amount I know
about memcache, I would say there's little to no benefit to using memcache
because TT is already doing what memcache does.

The only difference is that memcache implements a generic mechanism for all
sorts of high-level data objects, TT's cache is specialised and optimised to
the handling of compiled templates.


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