An interesting problem

Paul Orrock paulo at
Thu Jan 4 14:19:09 GMT 2007

McGlinchy, Alistair wrote:

> OK some warts'n'all code here. Something is munging my posts to either
> word-wrap or delete attachments. I'll attach the code as a .txt file as
> well and see if that helps.

Thanks Alastair, it's now about 10 seconds to process rather than an 
over an hour.

>                         print "Range ($x_start,$y_start) ,
> ($x_end,$y_end) is better with $val\n";
>                         @result = ($x_start,$y_start,$x_end,$y_end);

I did find that it's actually returning row,column row,column rather 
than column row.

for example in the first value found with the large data set it says :

Range (0,0) , (11,20) is better with 20.13

Looking at the spreadsheet it's actually the 20th column, 11th row 
rather than the 11th. The code seems right in the value it returns, it's 
just messing up the co-ordinates somewhere.

Thanks again,


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