Jonathan Rockway jon at
Wed Jan 10 16:29:08 GMT 2007

Simon Cozens wrote:
> Sue Spence:
>> This is a FAQ from the dawn of computer science. 
> And we still haven't fixed it so that computers work the way everyone expects,
> instead focussing all our energies on trying to fix the expectations. Bloody
> typical, really. Automatic casting to rationals wouldn't be *that* hard.

Use BigFloat then.  Most people want to do their addition and
subtraction in registers so that their computations finish some time
before the heat death of the Universe.  If you want your computer to
work in decimal instead of binary, then you can wait :)

package JAPH;use Catalyst qw/-Debug/;($;=JAPH)->config(name => do {
$,.=reverse qw[Jonathan tsu rehton lre rekca Rockway][$_].[split //,
";$;"]->[$_].q; ;for 1..4;$,=~s;^.;;;$,});$;->setup;

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