Free stuff! (and some not-so-free stuff)

David Cantrell david at
Fri Jan 12 21:54:40 GMT 2007

I'm having a clear-out of a load of old stuff that I'm no longer using
(or in some cases acquired and never used).  Of interest to this list:

* MCA SCSI RAID card, Mylex DAC960M, known working about four years
  ago. no driver disks, no box, no anti-static bag, no cables, no
* VAXstation 3100, not powered on since I acquired it. external SCSI
* miscellaneous Sun external SCSI boxes which might even have working
  disks in 'em

All free to good homes.  New owner to collect.

Also I have for sale a Fuji S602z camera for fifty quid.  New owner to
collect, or I can bring it to a social meet.

If you want any of this, contact me off-list.

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