Repetitive Strain Injury

Merijn Broeren merijnb at
Mon Jan 15 12:13:09 GMT 2007

Quoting Pete Sergeant (pete at
> I've been back in full time work now for 6 months, and can happily type
> all day (occasionally, at the weekends, the pain returns, but it's mild,
> and goes away quickly). The solution?
For me a normal mouse causes pain after prolonged use. Switching to a
thumb trackball ten years ago has alleviated all problems. I've got
several liberally sprinkled across house and office. Amusingly my
missus first hated them and has now got one at her office as well,
saying she is twice as productive and has no mouse elbow either anymore.
Her Health and Safety officer was very reluctant to let her use it :-) 

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