[OT] Gentoo emerge --configure

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 14:56:46 GMT 2007

Raf wrote:

> I'm still curious as to whether I can pass additional configure options
> through emerge - I can imagine wanting to do so under other situations.
> The one reference I've seen, seems to suggest editing the ebuild - which
> seems like over kill.

There are various options (which are explained on the Gentoo site, but 
require a bit of reading to find).

You can add (or take away) specific USE flags eg:-

USE="python swig swig-py" emerge subversion

These allow those options to be compiled in.


USE="~x86" emerge cvs2svn

This last one actually allows one to use the "bleeding edge" release of 
cvs2svn (in this case) instead of getting default "stable" version.

Having said all that, I got sick of recompiling the kernel, glibc and 
the compiler every couple of weeks (and that was on the stable branch) 
and I am now installing ubuntu (in various flavours) everywhere. Mind 
you I was using this for a 600Mhz Via Samuel 2 Mini-ITX thing...

> Thanks for clarifying though.



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