Daniel Barlow dan at
Thu Jan 18 17:54:45 GMT 2007

Luis Motta Campos wrote:
> I wish I could just say
> something like
>   use shotgun ':when needed';
>   and have perl shoot down uneducated code. For example, preventing
> people from accessing my private methods (tagged as ":private" on sub
> declaration),

See, I don't understand why you'd care.  I don't mind if people access
my private methods: I'm not infallible, they may well have a problem to
solve that can't be done otherwise and that didn't occur to me when I
designed the public interface.  Perhaps they could send me a patch and
wait for me to incorporate it into a newer version, but my guess is that
they'd rather work to their priorities not mine.

I *do* mind if they come whinging to me if/when a later version breaks
their code.  I told them the method was private, they're on their own if
they decide to use it anyway.  But that's mostly a social problem, not a
technical one.


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