Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop (and Scripting Challenge) - Call for Papers

Simon Cozens simon at
Fri Jan 19 16:51:24 GMT 2007

Jonathan Stowe:
> On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 15:09 +0000, Earle Martin wrote:
> > Many deployed Semantic Web applications
> > from the FOAF, RSS/ATOM, blog and wiki communities, as well as many
> > innovative mashups from the Web 2.0 and Open Data movements are using
> > scripting languages and it is likely that the process of RDF-izing
> > existing database-backed websites, wikis, weblogs and CMS will largely
> > rely on scripting languages.
> Can we have that in a language I understand please?

"Why do you bastards keep using relational databases instead of our incredibly
unwieldy XML format? Oh well, hopefully the Ruby on Rails folks will take it
up in a desire to be fully buzzword-compliant."

Gods, you know your house is full of goths when the dancing really gets 
started with Morrissey.
    - Matt McCleod

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