Converting Getopt::Long into POD

Andrew Black andrew-li at
Mon Jan 29 15:52:50 GMT 2007

IvorW wrote:

> I never use anything else but Getopt::Long these days.
> Getopt::Long plays well with POD::Usage, which requires: =head1 OPTIONS
> I guess if you intersperse your POD with code, you could place OPTIONS alongside the call to GetOptions

Do you have any examples of interspersed POD and options. Reason I ask 
is it is quite hard (IMHO) to get the format of these things such that 
it is readable whether you are looking for POD or for code.
Personally I am prejudiced about inline POD but I am prepared to be 

In reply to other points (thanks Nik and Chisel)
  - Getopt::Clade seems to be vapourware
  - Getopt::Euclid looks promising but really needs to be used from the 
  - I prefer options that don't require installation on the target 

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