Test::XML not working with UTF-8

Richard Jolly Richard.Jolly at bbc.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 14:10:48 GMT 2007

london.pm-bounces at london.pm.org wrote:
> On 1 Feb 2007, at 11:39, John Ramsden-Developer wrote:
>> Anyway, getting to the point, I wonder if anyone has any ideas why
>> Test::XML fails to recognize UTF-8 characters, or can think of an
>> alternative I might use if Test::XML is no good for UTF-8.
> I think you are using it wrong. You claim to be passing utf8
> to is_xml, but you're actually giving it a perl string. You
> need to actually encode it as utf8 too.

Do you mean than \x{263A} is not sufficient to mark the string as utf8? I thought it was:

perl -C2 -MEncode -e '$s = "\x{263A}"; $is_is_not = Encode::is_utf8($s) ? "is" : "is NOT"; print "$s $is_is_not utf8\n";'

☺ is utf8

> Read about perl strings and byte sequences here:
> 	http://jerakeen.org/talks/perl-loves-utf8/



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