Perl CGI script giving me problems

Adeola Awoyemi adeola at
Thu Feb 8 11:42:43 GMT 2007

Hi Peter,

On 8 Feb 2007, at 11:21, peter church wrote:
> what I need to do is
> 1) make the cursor appear in the box containing the current  
> question each
> time

I think you can use javascript for this bit. create a function that  
set the focus() on the form element. This might also solve the other  
problem below.

> 2) make the web page scroll down to where the box is if the page is  
> longer
> than a standard browser window

If not, you can add an anchor tag <a name="mytarget"> to the section  
you want to scroll to and then make the CGI return the url of the  
page as

and this should make the page scroll to the target.



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