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David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Thu Feb 8 14:19:13 GMT 2007

I wrote:

> Cos if it can't, then I'm more likely to write a quick shell script to
> GET and scrape the list from the website myself ...

And one lunch-break later ...



for i in `
    GET http://rt.cpan.org/?user=YOURUSERNAME\&pass=sekr1t |
    grep Dist/Display.html\?Status=Active|sed 's/.*Queue=//;s/".*//'
`; do
    if (! r2e list|grep rt.cpan.org.*$i>/dev/null) ; then
        echo Adding RSS feed for $i on rt.cpan.org
        r2e add \


where r2e is <http://rss2email.infogami.com/>.  I suppose I should put
this script on the CPAN itself, even though it's not written in perl.

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