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Mark Overmeer mark at overmeer.net
Thu Feb 15 15:04:54 GMT 2007

* Andy Armstrong (andy at hexten.net) [070215 14:32]:
> I'm moving the 200+ domains I host to a new server. I could move the  
> IP addresses of my current box to the new box - but that would  
> involve all sorts of fraught interactions with the hosting company so  
> I'd like to avoid it if possible.
> Is that right? Does anyone know how if there's a way to change the IP  
> addresses of the nameservers without contacting loads of people -  
> many of whom are not particularly technical - and asking them to  
> nominate new nameservers for their domain(s)?

This can be quite complicated, and yes: bothering all domain owners.
Both the top-level administration as the zone-files have to be changed.

In the .nl tld, it is possible to make one change-request which will
change to tld glue record.  But still, this info has to be equivalent to
the NS records as listed in each zone.  The .nl-tld forces everyone to
list the name-servers as A-records in the zone (as adviced by the RFCs
for reasons of performance)... however it would have been more practical
to enforce CNAMES (for reasons of maintenance, like your situation).
I do not know the .uk policy.

AFAIK, there is no simple solution.  You will see DNS requests to the old
IP-addresses for many years, even if you manage to correct all zone-files.
DNS is not designed for change.

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