Random question about DNS

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Thu Feb 15 15:19:22 GMT 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> I'm sure somebody knows :)
> I'm moving the 200+ domains I host to a new server. I could move the IP 
> addresses of my current box to the new box - but that would involve all 
> sorts of fraught interactions with the hosting company so I'd like to 
> avoid it if possible.
> All of the domains currently have ns1.hexten.net and ns2.hexten.net as 
> their nameservers. I can change the DNS for ns1 and ns2 to point at my 
> new box but it's my understanding that that won't have the desired 
> effect because the glue records for those nameservers contain hard wired 
> IP addresses.
> Is that right? Does anyone know how if there's a way to change the IP 
> addresses of the nameservers without contacting loads of people - many 
> of whom are not particularly technical - and asking them to nominate new 
> nameservers for their domain(s)?

It isn't the 200+ domains that are the problem, it is just hexten.net 
that needs to have the the glue records updated. This should be a simple 
process using a web page on hexten.net's registrar.

But what I would do is change one of them, wait a day or so, then change 
the other. Otherwise, because of DNS caching, it is possible for all 
200+ domains to disappear until the cached entries time out.

The only reason this is necessary is because you have nominated dns 
servers in the domain that they serve. Hence you have to give IP 
addresses (otherwise no-one would be able to find hexten.net). None of 
the other domains need to be changed that use these dns servers.


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