how I learnt perl (was free teach in)

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Fri Feb 16 20:47:19 GMT 2007

Jonathon Stowe:
>What I'd be more interested in would be how and why people here learned
> Perl.

I learnt perl at uni (BSc Hons Computer Systems & Networks - not much
actual programming - mostly C and C++), teaching myself in the 2nd
year from DDJ articles, a borrowed Llama book and the cookbook, before
I went on my placement and got sucked into, in my final year
I became more interested, doing my final year project and a few "spare
time" projects in Perl before landing a job working with the esteemed
messrs Cantrell and Clamp, from there I've learnt almost everything
from working with and talking to perl mongers, in between reading and DDJ avidly.


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