Let's organise a free teach-in

michael michael at galton.ucl.ac.uk
Sat Feb 17 12:04:13 GMT 2007

> What aspects of Perl require teaching? (Deliberately open-ended question)

Hello world.

No seriously.  If you advertise a free teach in and word gets round the 
labs there will be a sizable contingent of PhD students with no 
programming experence and scant UNIX experence, very keen to learn the 
even most basic perl idiom.

Sure they can go and learn from a book, but then they have 5000 frogs eggs 
to dissect by Friday and then there are those other books/papers/printout 
they really have to read.  Left to their own devices they will fall to 
evil ways involving ever more strange and terrible Excel Macros or if 
there very lucky VB.....

I'd be very happy to sit down with someone for the day and start out 

This is a UNIX prompt...

and hopefully end with

Someone who can write 5 line scripts that will help them do their work, 
and additionally someone who is plugged into the community, knows of 
london.pm tech meets,  YAPC and the LPW.  Then we have them for life.


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