Looking for accomodation

Gareth Harper gareth at migcan.com
Mon Feb 19 17:05:32 GMT 2007

David Dorward wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been offered a shiny new job (in central London) and don't like 
> the  look of the £95/4 hour commute every day, so I'm looking to move 
> somewhat  closer.
> Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to get a place of reasonable 
> size  until I can sell my current apartment so I'm looking for a cheap 
> stop gap  measure while I sell up and house hunt.
> Anyone know where I can find a room for <£100pw with good transport 
> links?

There's a (not great, but liveable short term) hotel near Tufnell Park 
which I stayed at whilst I was settling back down here which was ~£26 a 
night.  Thats breakfast included.  Obviously it's not the ritz but it 
works.  This was about 4 years ago though, prices may have changed.  I 
believe it was called the Queens hotel and a quick google finds 
http://www.studios92.co.uk/info/QU33.htm .

Other than that around Finsbury Park (where I live) there are some 
bedsit type places for around £70-£100 a week, though I'm not sure how 
they feel about short term stuff, have had no experience with them so I 
have no idea what they're like.

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