[OT] Mac Wireless Problems

Christopher Jones c.jones at ucl.ac.uk
Sun Feb 25 12:06:27 GMT 2007

When you set up a wireless network, most base stations will have an  
option to make it a 'closed network', which basically means  
information about the network is not broadcast, and it won't be seen  
by computers that are not on the network. Sounds like, in the process  
of installing the new access point, you've turned your network into a  
closed network. Doesn't mean you can't connect to it, just means you  
have to know the network name and password type and enter them  
manually - basic but not ineffective security.

Using the Airport menu bar item (which if you can't see, you need to  
activate in your Network/Airport system preferences menu) - choose  
'Other', type in the network name and password - and because its a  
closed network, you have to choose the correct wireless security.

If that's not the problem, its always possible that you've got some  
interference on your network, or that someone else has set up a  
network on the same channel close by? Use MacStumbler or one of the  
Dashboard widgets (I use AirTrafficControl) to see what other  
networks are broadcasting locally, and what channel they are using.  
Set your Netgear channel to 3 channels clear of any strong networks  
in your vicinity, and try using "interference robustness".

Failing that, take the access point back!


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