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Christopher Jones c.jones at
Tue Mar 6 13:39:50 GMT 2007

I wrote to Jackie Pallas, the head of the Bloomsbury Centre for  
Bioinformatics (a joint UCL/Birkbeck College venture) about whether  
we could host the teach-in at UCL or Birkbeck College. Here's her  

> I can help with this. If I can advertise the course via the BCB to our
> bioinformatics people then I can get a venue at Birkbeck College for
> nothing as long as it was during the daytime. We'd need to open the
> course to Birkbeck people too.
> What exactly would be needed? I can get a room with up to 30 PCs  
> running
> Windows and with internet access. There is also the possibility of
> having specific software installed. We use Birkbeck facilities for all
> our bioinformatics courses.
> There would be a lot of interest in this. Its a shame you didn't  
> contact
> me last week as we could have tried to get Grad School funding to  
> cover
> the costs :)
> Feel free to pass on my contact details to the organisers.

If you think this might be an option, Jackie's email address is;

j.pallas at


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