Free teach-in

Peter Corlett abuse at
Sat Mar 10 19:32:05 GMT 2007

On 10 Mar 2007, at 18:29, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Although I am not certain the word is defined in the OED, I took  
> "fossile" to mean: "fossil like", or older than the much maligned  
> BR sandwich (although I would accept "ex-BR sandwich" as an  
> alternative).

It would not at all surprise me to discover that the sandwich I  
foolishly bought on a Virgin train once (since nobody ever repeats  
the mistake) was indeed still left over from the BR era.

BR tea was of course made by pouring boiling water into a linesman's  
boot and then adding some condensed milk and six sugars to the  
resulting liquor. The best tea came from the boots that still had a  
rolled-up sock in them.

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