The Free Love-, er, Teach-In

Denny at
Mon Mar 12 13:42:35 GMT 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 13:21 +0000, michael wrote:
> If you have the choice of an advanced or beginners course, I'd suggest 
> that spending half an hour teaching 20 newbys to:-
> * use strict 
> * use warnings
> * how to write useful code commnets.
> * how not to get shouted at on online forums
> Would be far far easyer and perhaps do more 'good' than
> teaching 20 competent programmers the finer points of OO design.

Training beginners (to do stuff the way that Learning Perl already says
to do it, iirc) doesn't do anything about the shortage of high-end
developers that is currently causing various companies severe hiring
problems (if anecdotal evidence is to be believed).

The original reason this thread was started was to try to figure out how
to make 'reasonable' perl hackers into 'really good' perl hackers - I'd
be very disappointed to see a training course aimed at beginners as the
eventual outcome of the thread.

YMMV, HAND, etc.


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