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Mon Mar 12 13:43:13 GMT 2007

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> Competent Perl programmers are already quite well catered for in
> terms of 
> low cost|free training, Perl workshops, YAPCs, Perlmongers tech meets
> and 
> written resources like Perl Best Practices, perl monks, other
> O'Reilly 
> books etc.

Many of those require some knowledge of/assimilation into the Perl
community.  It's been my experience that most Perl programmers are not
involved in the Perl community.  This is part of the reason why such
classes would be useful.  The hard part then becomes figuring out how
to let those programmers know about this.
> I'd also question if it is possible to convert competent Perl
> programmers into top-notch programmers in one day.

Agreed, but it's amazing how many of the things you need to know to be
competent are really very simple.

> Finally I can make a offer,  I'd like to attend an advanced teach in,
> I'd love to _tutor_ on a beginners one.

This might just work out.



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