I'd rather not get deported, thank you

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Mon Mar 12 18:28:24 GMT 2007

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> Subject: I'd rather not get deported, thank you
> So my employer is up for sale:
> http://news.independent.co.uk/business/news/article2350071.ece
> Since my work permit is tied to my employer, if they go bye-bye, I
> apparently have 28 days to find a new job or else I face deportation. 
> Facts at hand:
> * The Home Office does not respond to individual queries.  Instead,
> they send a FAQ which does not contain answers to infrequently asked
> questions.
> * My new employer might be required to apply for my work 
> permit, but we
> can't tell.
> * I'm very annoyed (what's new?)
> Does anyone on this list have any information about where I 
> can turn to
> for reliable information?  Armchair lawyering and speculation don't do
> much good because my entire life gets shattered if said information is
> wrong and I rely on it.  (I'm about to contact the Citizen's Advice
> Bureau, but any other suggestions are welcome)

Join a trade union. Amicus is probably a reasonable fit. Not guaranteed to be proactive, but they will be able to find an employment lawyer for you to talk to, at no cost to you (apart from your membership fee).

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