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Mon Mar 12 21:36:51 GMT 2007

On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 06:38:37PM +0000, Andrew Smith wrote:

> Maybe what's needed is a focus on implementing problems using Perl. If 
> participants came along with their problem, and the assembled group of 
> experts demonstrated the most appropriate way for it to be implemented  

I think you mean "the experts argue about which $foo module to use".

Without very carefully vetting the problems you'll always get The
Experts disagreeing about some fairly fundamental things, including
about what the problem really is.  Which is why having one guy teach
them his^WThe Right Way is much better.  The students will get to learn
A Right Way, without getting a bad impression of the perl community.
I would back up a beginners' or intermediary level course with experts
who volunteer to mentor students afterwards.  Or for a course spread
over a period of time, mentor them in between classroom time.

But then we've mumbled about mentoring before and nothing's come of it.
FWIW, I volunteer (again).

> Although I live 400 miles away, I am subscribed to, because it 
> talks about real issues.

Buffy vs Willow ...
Denny Crane vs Rumpole of the Bailey ...

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